CFK's parent company, Access Computer Products, has been in business since 1987, and launched CFK in 1999. Since its inception, this recycling program for schools and non-profits has helped organizations fundraise over $13 million. CFK is free for participants, and offers a variety of marketing ideas and materials to help participants maximize their earnings.
 Over the years, CFK has been able to recycle more items and expand to partner with more organizations. Currently, CFK recycles cell phones, PDAs, ink cartridges, laptops, iPods, digital cameras, GPS devices, video games and their consoles, DVD movies, and calculators.
 CFK's sister programs, the Recycle 4 a Cause campaign, allows individuals and businesses to recycle their used electronics to benefit a cause important to them. Recycle 4 Pets, Recycle 4 Water, Recycle 4 Soldiers, Recycle 4 Hunger Relief, Recycle 4 Refugees, Recycle 4 Global Warming, and Recycle 4 Victims of DV exist to allow non-profits to benefit from recycled electronics. Participants can allocate funds to a specific charity (their local animal shelter), or to the Recycle 4 Pets General Fund, for example, where it will be distributed to the national non-profits featured on the R4Pets website.
 Reusing and recycling is the company's primary goal. Access recycles in strict compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and is certified by the EPA (EPA#COR000210898).