Christian George Acevedo has been writing since his elementary years but it was just recently that he discovered the varied opportunities that web writing has to offer. He is a licensed teacher, a gardener of some capacity, a voracious reader, an obsessed philatelist, an avid royalist, a staunch libertarian, and a passionate, though, solitary writer.

He finished his Bachelor's degree in Education, cum laude. He majored in Physical Sciences and is presently pursuing a degree in English. He served as the editor in chief of his college publication from 2008-2009 and has written thousands of print and online articles since 2001. A licensed teacher of respectable rating, his passion, however, is in writing. He loves it when he is alone and writing about his favorite topics, including travel, education, entertainment, home improvement, personal finance, real estate, health, and gardening.

Check out his newly launched blog site, Royal Splendor, and see his craft showcased in every well-researched article that he has written from the heart.

Christian also updates his personal blog, as well as number of blogs about travel, writing, family living, and the environment. He is also a featured travel writer of Associated Content and submits regular contribution to Helium.

Feel free to contact him at powerwordsonlinewriting@gmail.com.