C&G Systems has been a leading manufacturer of electronic control systems and precision shape cutting machines for plasma and oxy-fuel applications since 1968.  C&G offers a full line of machines ranging from our smallest economical 48" x 48" Aviator series machine to our large format Taurus machines for precision plasma, 100% duty cycle applications with effective cutting areas up to 26' wide by up to 150' long with the capability of carrying a combination of 10 plasma and oxy-fuel torches with power supplies up to 1,000 amps.  In addition, C&G has partnered with the industry's leading manufacturers of power sources, CNC controls, cutting tables, exhaust systems, compressors, and beveling equipment to provide turn-key solutions for our customers.  With over 1,600 installations, C&G is committed to producing the highest value, best quality, and technologically advanced precision shape cutting systems in the industry.

Company Profile

* Established in 1968.
* Full line of precision shape cutting equipment.
* Over 1,700 installations world-wide.
* Modern manufacturing facility, conveniently located in Itasca, IL (just minutes from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport).
* Full in-house Engineering, Manufacturing, Service, Repair, and Training facilities.
* Machinery Refurbishment, Upgrade, Retro-Fit, and Preventive Maintenance Services.