Focusing on the whole child, Chatsworth Hills Academy is a college preparatory school established in the liberal arts tradition. Committed to selective enrollment in Early Childhood (ages 2 1/2 - 5) through Grade 8, the total number of students shall always permit the involvement of each girl and boy in all CHA programs.

Pursuing a spiral curriculum which continually introduces new material while simultaneously reinforcing previous skills and content, the Early Childhood through Grade 4 programs focus on integrating all subjects, creating a comprehensive and expansive educational experience. Students in Grades 5-8 focus on both skills and content presented throughout the major departments of a liberal arts and college preparatory program including English, mathematics, history, science, modern language, and the visual and performing arts.

Based on our character education program, values are identified and practiced throughout the close-knit and supportive Early Childhood through Grade 8 community. Each eighth grade student is prepared for successful admission to selective secondary schools and later to similar level colleges and universities.

As one of only 2,000 independent schools in the nation, Chatsworth Hills Academy girls and boys are part of a very selective group of only 700,000 students in the United States who enjoy a truly unique and high quality education.

As a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and accredited by both the California Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, CHA is committed to each of the Independent School principles and values expressed below:

Independent schools are independent because they are not for profit, have distinct missions, and are primarily supported by tuition payments, charitable contributions, and endowment revenue.

Independent schools meet high accreditation standards and are held accountable by their Board of Trustees rather than being privately owned and/or operated by an individual proprietor, partnership or corporation.

Independent schools are successful due to:

* Close-knit communities.
* Individualized attention for students.
* Supportive learning environments.
* High-quality and committed teachers.
* Hands-on learning opportunities.
* Educational experiences beyond the classroom.
* Actively engaged parents.

As in all independent schools, CHA students pursue an education that nurtures intellectual curiosity, stimulates personal growth, and encourages critical thinking and innovation. Our teachers create educational experiences that meet the individual needs of each child. Girls and boys are a part of a supportive learning community where the lessons that each student learns on the playing field or theater stage and in community service are as important as those in the classroom. The selective student body is motivated to be enthusiastic and creative about learning within the academically rigorous environment where students are focused on future enrollment at selective secondary schools.

Emphasizing character development and critical thinking, Chatsworth Hills Academy’s mission is to provide opportunities for our students to fulfill their individual potential in a supportive, natural environment.

Winner of the 2009 and 2010 “Best Private School” award by the L.A. Daily News.