Chaffree is an online underwear shop selling sweat wicking, anti chafing underwear. for men and women. Established in 2014 by the founder Amanda Whaley who suffered with thigh chafing for many year and couldn't find a garment that met her needs. She decided to look into souring exactly what she wanted herself. A work from home mum with a need to improve her quality of life, Chaffree garments were tested by many until Amanda was happy to launch in August 2014.
Chaffree underwear is designed with comfort and protection in mind. The underwear is made from Coolmax which is a highly sweat wicking fibre that is super stretchy and keeps the body feeling cool and dry throughout daily routines as well as exercise and fitness.Virtually seamless with extended double looped cotton gussets, chaffree underwear is machine washable and quick drying. Dubbed as 'Underwear so comfortable you don't know you have it on', chaffree underwear has had many 5* reviews for it's comfort, design and style with a wide range of sizes (small-3XL) in both long and short leg ladies knickerboxers and mens boxers shorts, as well as ladies midi and full briefs.
Chaffree is transforming the lives of many people who have in the passed suffered from stomach and thigh chafing. From women wanting to wear skirts and dresses to men wanting to run marathons without thigh chafing. Chaffree also appeals to customers who just want the added comfort value of a soft luxurious underwear feel, that is seamless (no vpl) and stretchy in pretty skin tone colours.
Chaffree knickerboxers are also appealing to women who wear tights as the lightweight wicking fibre sits snuggly onto the body giving a much need relief barrier for the skin as well as reducing (in some cases eliminates) the tights movements so the wearer is not constantly having to pull up or around the tights.
Chaffree is a revolution in underwear as it is changing the way that consumers think about underwear meeting their demands and not compromising on uncomfortable underwear that does not wick away sweat and let the body breath let along the VPL and the wedgies!