About:  At Chaheati, our goal is to allow people to stay outdoors and do what they love. We have developed an All-Season Heated Chair. We use a carbon fiber non-wire (coil-free) heating system that heats a 22x10 zone in the sling-back of the chair and is powered by a 7.4 lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
The Chaheati™ is cordless, lightweight and collapsible so you can bring it anywhere. The heating system has four heat settings and provides up to six hours of heat. Now, there’s no reason to pack it in early when the weather turns cool outside – Need Some Heat, Have a Seat with Chaheati.

Unique Qualities: Chaheati looked to the extreme outdoor sportswear industry to develop it's heating system, so it's lightweight, efficient and powerful. Features of our heating technology:

Soft, pliable and flexible ultra-thin heating element (no coils)
Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery-powered heating system
Safe low voltage heating technology
Instantly heats in 10-20 seconds
Digital circuit protection

Would like you to know: Chaheati gives customers four temperature settings, so you'll find the right heat for whatever the setting, from cool Spring nights to Fall tailgate parties.

Who can benefit most:  Great product for all outdoor enthusiasts; including but not limited to, Soccer Moms, youth and professional sports, tailgaters, RVer’s, hunting, fishing, camping and backyard/patio.

all-season heated chair
outdoor heated chair