Chainfrog are IBM and MultiChain partners and have successfully delivered on many high-profile blockchain projects since 2016. We offer Blockchain consultancy and development services.

As Finland's first blockchain technology company, we are the logical choice. We can help you produce the software design and architecture for your project, and then implement it.

IoT expertise
We have completed end to end IoT projects from 'chip to cloud'. Blockchain provides value to this process by adding security and permission protocols to secure and manage data flow.

Security knowledge
Our engineers have implemented projects using the immutable properties of blockchain to enhance digital security processes. Our experience of using blockchain in digital security is one of the hottest applications of blockchain.

Angular / blockchain interfacing
We write world-class interfaces and web applications that are driven by blockchain. Our blockchain blog includes examples that are used daily as the reference of how to interface with blockchain.

Blockchain can be integrated with modern database technology to enhance security and access controls. We have experience in implementing blockchain data sharing solutions between non trusting parties.

Cryptography / smart contracts
Our engineering team has a strong mathematical background and impressive academic and practical exposure to cryptography. We have presented webinars and provided consultancy covering all the fundamental building blocks of blockchain.

Embedded programming
We have many years practical experience coding for 'things' (embedded programming). Our understanding and experience with embedded software positions us perfectly to plan and execute projects from origin to cloud.