The first of many Bitcoin As A Service offerings from AltXE, ChainPay is to provide enterprise level support for middle to large online retailers and businesses.

AltXE today launched ChainPay. ChainPay is a Bitcoin Payment Gateway allowing businesses across Europe the ability to process payments via the cryptocurrency. Incorporated in the Isle of Man due to the islands progressive stance on the cryptocurrency, AltXE hopes to provide a trusted partner for many online businesses due to the well defined regulation and AML standards enforced by the island.

"Our partnership with the progressive agencies on the Isle of Man enables AltXE  to provide some of the most innovative crypto solutions in Europe. ChainPay is the first of these offerings and we hope to welcome many businesses, from grass roots to large enterprises, to our family." - James Carter, Founder

Launching on the 17th September, ChainPay is accepting merchants with a three tier pricing structure. Free, Business and Enterprise.

All tiers have 0% transaction fee, meaning a better deal for the merchant, with higher tiers offering a higher level of support and interaction with ChainPay developers. For instance, the Business tier means customers can interact directly with ChainPay developers over the phone, instantly resolving any integration difficulties. The Enterprise tier is built bespoke per customer to enable to right level of service, we can offer dedicated account managers, developer integration services and extensive reporting capability.

Partnership with a major Isle of Man financial organisation means we can settle invoices in USD, GBP and EUR. This is part of what enables ChainPay's 0% fee structure, no matter which package you are a part of.