Chakra exhibition is an Indian contemporary art exhibition by Lata Upadhyaya and Ghanshyam Gupta which runs from 23 July - 4 August 2012.
Dedicated to the works of visual Indian artists Lata Upadhyaya and
Ghanshyam Gupta this exhibition features pieces they have made since the
year 2010. The exhibition title takes its cue from the Sanskrit word Chakra,
which can be rendered into English as ‘spinning wheel’.

Each of these artists explores the theme of balance through the union of mind
and body. As two of the most innovative and acclaimed artists of their
generation (both were awarded with the INLAKS scholarship to study at the
RCA fifteen years ago) Upadhyaya and Gupta have created a striking body of
works within which the media of painting and sculpture appear to co-exist.
Their works not only alter our established understanding of time and the
narrative process but also our notions of reality, illusion, and the relationship
between them