Challenger Films is an Atlanta-based independent film production company. The mission of Challenger Films is to produce wholesome programming for our nation’s youth by profiling positive, real-life role models. These profiles are aired in a national television series entitled "The Real Winning Edge."

Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly, the founder, has developed a new version of the series that is now being broadcast for the fifth season on FOX’s top owned and operated stations and available in 86% of American households in national syndication.

The President and Executive Producer, Dr. Preston-Reilly, believes that as we cotinue to prove that TRWE is desired by a main-stream audience, we can help change the American culture to adopt and appreciate the values that make for good leadership in our country.

The Real Winning Edge is a 26-week half-hour broadcast television program that introduces viewers to some of the most incredibly talented young people in America.  But it’s more than a showcase for kids with exceptional talent and athleticism.  It’s about teenagers who’ve built character through their struggles with cancer or death of a loved one.  It’s about kids who came face-to-face with drug abuse and peer pressure without losing their focus on their goal.  Through interviews and profiles, these remarkable young people provide honest answers about how they dealt with adversity in their lives.

Each half-hour program includes three segments, each segment featuring the personal story of an outstanding young person.  The stories are introduced by an all-star team of 78 high-profile, professional celebrities that include Super Bowl star Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers, NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon, Basebal MVP Albert Pujols; Olympic champions  Misty May-Treanor and Aly Raisman; outstanding music artists like Martina McBride; and top names from extreme sports such as skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi, snowboarding X-Game champions Caleb & Colton Moore, and motocross star Nate Adams.