Like every hero, Stephanie Wilson-Coleman, the “straight no chaser” Empowerment Doctor, was born out of necessity. Her story is filled with conflict, villains, roadblocks, moral dilemmas and spiritual awakenings.

Today, through the organization she founded, The Champagne Connection, Inc., Stephanie helps others to complete their stories by helping them to conquer fear and to learn to love themselves — just as she did. She possesses a sincere desire to help others to understand that their dreams have the power to produce successful, prosperous lives.

Exhorting others to “live the life you imagine,” Stephanie’s The Champagne Connection teaches people how to resolve conflicts, achieve goals, boost self-esteem, build confidence and create financial prosperity. Known as “The Empowerment Doctor,”  and sometimes called the “Straight No Chaser Motivator”, Stephanie shares an inspirational and life-changing message through her company’s workshops, seminars, books, CDs, videos and other speaking engagements.  As a coach, Stephanie has given people the tools needed to not only live their dreams and to finally start “that business”, but to also lead movements in their cities that has dramatically changed the lives of others.  One of Stephanie’s core principles is to be of service to others.  The businesses Stephanie has coached have not only changed the lives of others but have also increased their revenues by as much as 150%.  If you’re on the brink of disaster, Stephanie is the life line you should reach out to.  

She is also the author of Amazon.com’s highly popular books “Be Sure You Dance”, “Is Anybody Listening: A Journey to Wholeness” and “Embracing Life’s Lessons: Journey to Inner Peace and Tranquility.”

She received Diamond Spirit Award in 2015, Phi Beta Sigma Crescent Moon Award and the Minnie Riperton Humanitarian Award in 2013, the Dyvine Destiny Phenomenal Woman Award in 2012, the Chicago Defender’s Women of Excellence Award and The Verizon Hometown Heroes Award in 2011 and The Black Pearl Award in 2005 for her outstanding contributions to the community.  She is actively involved with homeless shelters, at risk youth, teenage mothers and victims of domestic violence.  

Stephanie wants the world to know: We can’t always control how our story starts, but we can write ourselves a better ending.  It’s not over until you say it is.  Let the God times roll.