We are proud to be a source of local grown, picked ripe produce for the health conscious adventurers (aka eaters) in our community, the Southeast Oklahoma/Texoma area! (Also hoping to service the DFW Metroplex with home delivery)

From May to October we offer weekly produce boxes that contain 8-12 different types of seasonal produce, grown in our own dirt and handpicked fresh!
We bring the boxes from our farm to a centralized pick up location weekly. Our specific weekly pick up site city is Durant, Oklahoma.
Pre-ordering guarantees a box will be waiting for you. It's easy!

The idea of farm-to-table eating should not be reserved as a luxury few enjoy. We believe it should be available at a fair price to anyone who wants to be more connected to the growers and growing process of the food they eat. We think it takes just one taste to understand the difference between a tomato that was picked green and placed in an artificial environment to ripen while driven across the country, and one that was plucked practically bursting ripe from the sunshine and dirt. If you're not sure, let us convince you!