This tour takes you into a mountainous heaven world over Khumbu glaciers and makes your journey memorable throughout a lifetime.

A Helicopter ride to Everest base camp trip is the perfect alternative to 12 days Everest base camp trek package within a single itinerary. It is a day trip that takes 4 to 5 hours to complete the entire visit.

This Everest base camp Helicopter flight landing tour is ideal for those who want to discover Mt. Everest, but do not have enough time to trek. It is suitable for other mountain lovers as well.

This trip package is very admirable that makes your dream come true. Every moment from the trip starting to the ending points of the Helicopter flight from Kathmandu over the breathtaking Everest Himalayas is extremely phenomenal. The money is nothing in front of such a fantastic Himalayan paradise in the Everest region.

A Helicopter trip to Everest base camp is possible every day throughout the year. But October and November are the very best months for hovering over the world’s tallest mountain and observing it from the bird’s eye view. The weather remains stable and the sky remains crystal clear during these two months. So, you can see the mountain panoramas vividly and perfectly.

However, it would be better to be prepared early if some unpredictable weather issues happen.

In a nutshell, Heli landing at Kala Patthar Camp with Breakfast at the Everest View Hotel is a highly recommended trip package. This trip saves your valuable time. It exhibits the most enchanting beauty of the Everest region including Mt. Everest from the blue sky within a day.

This trip avoids the risks of high altitude and remoteness sickness. It is the proper alternative to the EBC trek with children. So, the Everest Helicopter tour is suitable for families with kids, differently-abled, and poor-health people.