Community Shares of Minnesota is a community-based fund for social justice. We bring people and resources together to create strong, healthy communities and a more equitable Minnesota.

Like other fall giving campaigns, Community Shares is a federation. This means that when you give to us, you are funding member groups that we select and support. In our case, we focus exclusively on community-led organizations that are working at the roots of the issues — and making a measurable difference.

Community Shares of Minnesota is also part of a national network of organizations that connect, fund and raise awareness for community groups fighting for fairness and equality. Our focus on long-term solutions is what makes the work so important today — problems like poverty, discrimination and pollution don’t solve themselves, and, left alone, only get worse.

And, after more than 30 years, we still remain a pioneer in some interesting ways. The majority of our board is made up of those from the community groups we fund; being community-led means we understand what is happening around us in real terms. It also means we have become a nucleus for sharing ideas and networking. We also support our member groups with resources like leadership and organization building. The results, as you can see in our impact stories, have been phenomenal.

But none of this would be possible without an underlying passion that is a common thread between our member groups and our donors — our aim is to make sure the next generation is freed from the challenges that many, many people still face today. With your help, we’re getting there.

Our work as a federation — and your donation — makes it possible for our member groups to focus on the task at hand rather then spend their time fundraising. There are economies of scale at work as well — we have a low management, administration and communication fee of 10% for our work, under the industry average and far below the amount needed if each group were creating their own materials.

If our fall campaign isn’t in your workplace yet, you can still support the work we do. Either call 651-647-0440 or contact us at staff@communitysharesmn.org.