Chang Noi Band has from its begining been dedicated to keeping the spirit of live rock & roll music a live. Comprised of four Thai members and one expat they have set a higher standard in the Bangkok music scene. While the object of almost all local bands is to try and copy the songs they play, Chang Noi Band is a "Cover Band" simply said they take the great songs of the past and today and make them their own. Their guitar player Khun Scott is a veteran of the world famous Gilley's Club in Pasadena Texas about which the the movie "Urban Cowboy was made. He also spent time with several well known touring bands in Americain the 70's and early 80's after which he worked as asession player with many top artists in the recording industry. Khun Jaco plays bass and brings with him one of the top reputations in the Thai music industry. He holds a Masters Degree in Music. Teaching  young Thai musicians is a passion for him as well as being the back bone of Chang Noi Bands' rythym section. Khun Tui is the other half of the rythym section and has worked for many years with top Thai bands. the newest members are the keyboard player and lead singer who have recently joined with the background of having worked with many of the top bands in the country.
Chang Noi Bands' goal is to provide our listeners with a quality music experience and we work very hard at being the band that locals and tourist look for when planning a night out or a special event.  Of course being one of the very few bands in Thailand that own all of their own equipment including a professional sound system that can be taylored to fit the circumstances from small venues to outdoor shows gives them an advantage and an extra selling point for promoters who need entertainment and want everything to bbe taken care of in a turnkey manner or the club owner who does not want to invest thousands of dollars in equipment just for an event or a move into becoming a live music venue.