La Charbonnade d'Oulou built and distribute a new original concept of ceramic products to griil your meat just like a BBQ. Inside you house, right on your table, just like fondue, safely.

Since over 10 years, we have developped La Charbonnade to use in our medieval restaurant. In 2008, due to the popular demand. We have decided to commercialise our product.

From a 6" ceramic pot, with a cast iron grill, over a Ecoflame sugarcane smokeless based fuel gel, you can taste the good BBQ grill flavor, in any season's, everywhere you want. In or outside your house, in camping, while travelling, beach, ski...

Original, innovative, design, safe, handy, ecological, source of emergency cooking. You will impress and delight your guest.

The Charbonnade is the perfect original gift. We ship all over the world and can buy online.