Charged Hong Kong (the Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Association) is focussed on it's mission to support and accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in Hong Kong.

We support and advocate for Air Quality improvements and the Hong Kong Environment, primarily focussing on the benefits that environmentally friendly vehicles can bring.

We provide an organisation to centralise and co-ordinate the activities of Electric Vehicle owners and Enthusiasts in Hong Kong. We organise social communications, and meet regularly, to discuss and exchange ideas regarding our Electric Vehicles and the environment of Hong Kong.

We represent the collective views of our membership to manufacturers, charging networks, the press, and the government. Our goals here are to make it easier to own/operate an electric vehicle. This involves topics such as public charging networks, home/workplace charging, manufacturer model availability, fair pricing, government incentives, and overall education in the benefits seen when owning/operating an electric vehicle in Hong Kong.