Charles Webb owns and operates a film, video and digital media production company in San Francisco, Charles Webb Media. He has written, produced, directed and photographed projects in the United States, Europe and China that encompass diverse genres, including national TV commercials; documentaries (The Black Panthers/ ”George Jackson Lives”, “The Grateful Dead Movie”, martial artists in the People’s Republic of China, etc.); and nationally released independent features. He also holds a masters degree in psychobiology from the University of Pittsburgh with a specialty in sensation and perception and was a published researcher in this field before moving into media production. Charles Webb created the “reality handling” method known as Cinemorphics, which uses film and theater techniques for the re-writing, re-directing, re-producing, etc. of one’s persona…ego…self, and is the author of Kwatz!, Tabloid Haiku!, METHOD AGING and The Infinite Game and The TAO of Aging.