Charnwood Molecular can offer medicinal chemistry support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our medicinal chemists have experience of working in various therapeutic areas including urology and pain, oncology, obesity, immunology, respiratory, inflammatory and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Charnwood Molecular can provide high-value expertise and input into clients’ medicinal chemistry projects through its carefully-selected partnership arrangements. We are proud to work with other leading companies based alongside us at BioCity to offer an “in-house” integrated discovery and development service.

Charnwood Molecular and Hybrigenics Services have launched a new technology that identifies interactions between small molecules and protein targets. The new ULTImate YChemH service is the result of a two-year long research and development phase, which was supported by European funding under the Eurostars programme.

ULTImate YChemH is a chemical biology tool for direct targets identification. This method is based on the well-established yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) technology.

Where there is no literature precedent available for a desired compound, Charnwood Molecular can investigate methods of preparation and route optimisation. Postdoctoral chemists are available for research and development projects on an FTE basis in many areas.

Charnwood Molecular’s core competence is organic synthesis, and we can carry out multi-step complex syntheses to supply milligram to multi-gram quantities of client requested compounds. Our service aims to provide research assistance in the preparation of a wide range of compounds.