Windows Phone platform is growing faster than ever. But, is your game ad revenue rising accordingly? You have tried a plethora of banner ad platforms, utilized ad mediators, and maxed out your revenue. Is there anything else you can do to boost your revenue without adversely effecting your current revenue?

On the other hand, you need to keep your ranking and climb up to compete with other games, stay relevant while new games pop up every day and steal your users. How do you effectively promote your games without burning your hard earned cash on impressions?

Meet Chartangel, a brand new games-only promotion and monetization platform for Windows. Recently, they have been hard at work cracking both sides of the problem; promotion and monetization. Chartangel is new, has a unique approach in Windows Phone platform and has the potential to fold your revenue from games and invest your advertisement money on real new users.

The interstitial-only platform supports direct deals, house ads (cross promotion), and soon to be launched ad network. As a publisher of ads, you make money from direct deals that are typically shown at game launch or during transitions. So you don't have to replace your current banner ad placements. Chartangel is the first games only promotion platform on Windows Phone. Ads your game shows are meant to be always relevant, resulting in high CTR and IR and don't turn off your users like other broadly targeted ad impressions. The interstitials are much less distracting, shown less frequently to the user, and grasp much more attention. What's more, Chartangel currently doesn't charge you a dime on commissions, a generous favor for the early users. That means, all the installs you drive go directly from advertiser to your balance.

As an advertiser, you pay for installs, not for impressions. It is like buying new users. This is significantly more effective way of investing on promoting your games. Just think about how much you paid for impressions and how many installs were driven the last time you paid for advertising your game, and you will see what Chartangel solves. With direct deal campaigns, you can find the ideal host game and directly deal with the publisher (bypass the middle man), or trust the platform to handle payments for you. If you're not feeling picky, then you can just make a network campaign and show your ads in any publisher who is willing to accept your offer. The platform will match you with publishers on the fly. Still, the fact that your game ads are shown only to game developers makes a whole world of difference.

Registration is simple, and there is immediate benefit of starting cross promotion among your own games for free. But the coolest part is, Chartangel is actually helping newcomers and early users in many ways including finding direct deal partners, creating quality ads, and even matching some of the money you pay for promotion. That is, you pay an amount of dollars and they pay some extra amount for your promotions.

It is great to see new possibilities for developers in Windows Phone. And Chartangel is one that is definitely worth trying.