Our main focus is to get people motivated, strong, eating right and moving functionally through joint and tissue mobility and stability.  This is all part of healthy living, weight loss and disease reduction, so educating our clients is part of the process of a healthy lifestyle.

We ensure all our clients have access to full nutrition programs that will fit their needs and give results.  We encourage, motivate and keep our clients accountable through varied programs and check up on them to make sure they are making it to their workouts, especially our class settings.  It's easy to skip and lose track of your goals and then get right back into the rut you came in here with.  My moto, "No Excuses".  Get it done. That's why you hired us.  So we make sure you see it through.

Our highly trained staff will ensure you are taken care of from the administrative end right to the safety end with our world class trainers.

We practice Functional Movement Systems in everything we do.  That is where we screen you on 7 basic primal movement patterns to determine asymmetry and muscular dysfunction so we can see where your weak links are that may cause injury.  We give you a corrective exercise program and incorporate that in all of your workouts.  Within a short time, you will see changes and results that will improve your movements, lessen pain and increase muscular response.

Training safely is a critical component of our programs and we can use these tools to work with a variety of fitness levels at the same time giving you the best workout for your ability.