At K.O.R. Enterprises Inc., we specialize in creating and mentoring acts who are more than just flare and sex appeal - we breed top quality artists with versatility and musicianship. With our acts we branch out to various outlets of media from radio to television to the World Wide Web - we spread our net to reach maximum exposure and solidify our brand in every market.

K.O.R. Enterprises (“K.O.R.E.”) is an Illinois based entertainment music production firm specializing in the production, television and promotion of music through records, concerts, and merchandise including apparel and video productions. We bring uncommon support, creative energy and collaborative spirit to the production and promotion of audio and visual entertainment products.  

Under the leadership of Ruben L. Aviles (“Chase”), K.O.R.E. has extensive experience in the promotion, marketing, and management of club and concert venues. We have established relationships with marketing and distribution companies, booking agents, concert promoters, radio stations, and major record label companies.  

The staff at K.O.R.E. has worked with some of the best in the business, and our promotion and marketing teams have been responsible for the success of many well known artists. Kookie Gonzalez, Director of Marketing and Promotions for K.O.R.E. has helped with radio campaign for Crucial Conflict, Tone Loc, Melissa Etheredge, Erik B & Rakim, and many more. This is one small sample of our staff's expertise.

Our criteria for discovering talent is not necessarily based upon music genre, but rather we seek gifted individuals, who enjoy making music, are well developed and have the drive to succeed.  K.O.R.E.’s music industry knowledge, experience, and network of key relationships, provide the catalyst for these talented performers to become truly successful in the music business. At K.O.R.E., each artist will have the personal attention he/she deserves with the primary benefits of a large label.      
K.O.R.E. possesses a competitive edge as a result of our experience, quality leadership, industry relationships, artist partnership approach, and Chicago roots. The Management Team at K.O.R.E. has extensive music industry background and diverse leadership capabilities. This group provides the foundation required to drive and implement our plans to become a significant independent label and “The Entertainment Firm of the Midwest”.

We take pride in our ability to find and break new talent not only nationwide, but worldwide. We are here to show the music industry that independent labels are still the major source in finding and breaking new talent.