Chateau of Hair is pleased to announce the grand opening of their website. The website will go live on September the 2nd at 8 am. The establishment will offer customers a 10% coupon for individuals whom submit their names to www.chateauofhair.com. The coupon will offer a discount towards all products purchased within the first 7 days of the launch.

Chateau of Hair will become a one stop shop for all of your hair care products and needs. The comprehensive layout of the website will give access to thousands of different hair products worldwide. Our customers will be able to access an array of different products and compare prices all in one place. Our website creates a fully customized shopping experience.

We welcome all, no matter your hair texture, age, or ethnicity. Chateau Of Hair is here to give customers a safe place to shop and small business owners the chance to reach a new set of customers.

Because of the internet, retailers no longer have to depend on a brick and mortar establishment. Owners have the opportunity to make money, attract new potential customers, and sell products without high overhead costs. Imagine how much additional revenue you can drive to your hair products with Chateau Of Hair bringing in the customers.

Small Business Owners from all over the world now have the opportunity to display their products on Chateau Of Hair’s website and bring their business to the next level. We are offering an opportunity to promote your hair care products in a unique and genuine way.

Are you a small business owner who makes their own hair care products, sells their products locally, or has an online presence? If so, then Chateau Of Hair is right for you!! We are looking for professional fashion driven women ready to excel in their business.

No startup costs or marketing skills is needed. Just upload your products to our site, ship them nationwide and get paid.

Positive Customer Service

With Chateau Of Hair, you can have an outstanding shopping experience and business venture. We make our clients and customers top priority. We provide exceptional customer service, education to our customers, and quality products.

There are many things that affect our shopping experience, and customer services is one of the top factors that matter. We want our shoppers to associate our customer service with our brand. We make it our purpose to show appreciation to our frequent customers and are very grateful for all that will take part in our organization. Whether it's for a new business venture or shopping experience, rest assured we are here to take care of your needs.

Choosing The Right Products

Hair extensions and wigs are a great solution for anyone who wants to add length and volume to their hair. When you visit our online site, you will choose from a large array of styles including: Synthetic, Remy, and Non-Remy. We will offer the highest quality on the market that will last and look natural. Our products will include clip-in extensions, fusion extensions, frontal closures, wigs, and lace front wigs. Our extensions are suitable for various hair textures. Common origins include Indian, European, and Chinese.

Or maybe you are more interested in our natural hair products. A good hair day can be a game changer for some. Avoiding dry strands, zero volume and split ends can be a dream come true. By choosing the right shampoos and conditioners, you will turn your stressed locks into beautiful tresses. Chateau Of Hair will offer the best quality hair care products for your hair type.

Chateau Of Hair’s main mission is to empower women from all backgrounds. We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. We will go through great lengths to offer an informative and seamless experience while shopping on our site.We strongly believe that when you feel good about yourself, your opportunities are endless. Join  our website today to get a great deal on our Clip-In Extensions, Fusion Extensions, Lace-Front Wigs, Frontals Closures, Natural Hair Care Products, Barber Supplies, Hair Accessories, Wigs, and more. We will have thousands of products to choose from.

No matter what you are looking for Chateau Of Hair Will Have It!