AV Simplified Solutions is, foremost, an audio/visual contractor and custom installer where service to our clients is the most important reason for being in business. Our goal is to provide simple and integrated A/V solutions such as home theater and whole house entertainment. We understand that our clients have busy lifestyles and require systems that are uncomplicated yet deliver on the promise of a technology driven world.

We’re not the new kid on the block. AV Simplified Solutions is the A/V and systems integration division of Nelson-Jones Electric, Inc. We have been providing high voltage electrical services to Chattanooga residences and businesses, a like, for many years. We’ve also been providing audio and video services… To serve our clients, builders, and home owners better, we have created AV Simplified Solutions.

Having been in business for many years working with many different kinds of clients, we approach systems integration from the perspective of the client, the end user. We understand that the most sophisticated system is useless without easy to understand interfaces. We understand that you just want to listen to music, watch a movie, control your lights, see who’s at the door. You want to relax without being interrupted by tedious things.