Chatwing is a live cloud based chat software that is used on websites and mobile apps. Chatwing's fully hosted live chat solution provides granular controls to allow for full customization and specific niche features only found within Chatwing software.

Chatwing customization features include the ability for administrators to assign moderators to the chat room and give them specific levels of control. Moderators may be assigned the ability to view IP address, delete messages, ban users, create word filters live, blacklist users and choose how long the specific user should be banned for. Also, when banning a user the moderator can choose to display a reason why that user has been banned and provide custom text to explain in detail. These moderator controls are just one aspect or Chatwing's granular control levels.

Web customizing a chatbox or chatroom the user has the ability to select from 100's of custom options that will fit directly to their needs. these include control and text customization options for each icon and area of the chat. Sizing and code options are also available with both Iframe and Javascript code provided. Also, each chatbox has the ability to choose a custom "alias" which is a direct link to the specific chat for example www.chatwing.com/MyGroup

There are numerous controls each user can choose to make a part of they're chat room. Another unique Chatwing specific feature is the ability for admins to choose each login method allowed in they're chatroom. Currently Chatwing offers 9 different login options including, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Instagram, VK, Chatwing, Guest, and Tumblr options. Each fo these is fully controllable from the admin dashboard.