It all began some time in 1966, at a small office of Sampheng, where most of our clients were local textile and fabric dealerships. Driven by a fervent belief in delivering the highest quality of service, and with help from a handful of assistants, our founder earned the respect and trust of those early clients.

From that moment onwards, the business proliferated fairly quickly. It is quite fair to assume that Chawla, or ‘CHAZ’ as it is known today, is now among the top ten leading insurance brokers in Thailand.

In 2007, we rebranded, updating our company image to reflect both our decades of history and the dynamic character of our work today. The new contemporary identity features a new look, a new logo, and a new name: CHAZ Insurance Brokers.

CHAZ currently holds broker licenses for Insurance as well as Reinsurance. Our services cover a full spectrum of non-life as well as life insurance engagements, which now operate under the title of CHAZ Life Insurance Brokers Ltd.