We are an independeing Solavei networker, helping people sign up to Solavei, get free cell phone service, and make a good part time or full time income by telling others about Solavei.

Solavei offers a TMobile network with up to 4G speed, uses unlocked GSM phones, has no contract, and you can get it by free simply by telling your friends and family about it so they can get it free, too!

How does Solavei offer free service? The idea is that instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising like ATT and Sprint etc. do, Solavei will give that money to you, the customer, for telling others about it. This way it costs less for Solavei to operate and they will pass the savings on to you.

Solavei will pay you $20 for every "trio" or 3 people you personally enroll in the plan. You can enroll them right from your phone using the Solavei app. So if you enroll 3 trios you will make $60/month - that is to say you will get free phone service AND an extra $11 into your bank account! Get 50-60 people signed up and you will make a very good part time income! You can even go "full time" and make thousands of dollars per month!

This is an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor, as Solavei does not launch until September 21st, 2012, 2 weeks from this date!