In this day in age, its not hard to see that every church needs a strong web presence. People are online now more then ever. The average American spends over 13 hours per week on the Internet! That's up 121% from 2005 when the average was about 6 hours per week. How things change so quickly! I’m sure you’ve looked into building a website, or maybe have even started to build one with your own volunteers at your church. Maybe you’ve come to realize that it wasn't as easy as you thought it would be. This is where Cheap Church Websites comes in. We set you up with everything you need:

        ● Domain Name Registration - Included with your service.
        ● Web Hosting - With UNLIMITED space and UNLIMITED bandwidth.
        ● FREE Website Setup - We will actually help you get started.
        ● Ongoing Support - We won’t just leave you hanging once its built.
        ● Only $19.95 per month - With no contract agreement.

We want to partner with your church to build an effective ministry tool that enriches the lives of those who attend your church and helps you reach your community for the Kingdom of God! Please call us today at (888) 760-4401 for more info or visit CheapChurchWebsite.com.