Chef Marty Richardson is taking a break from his adventurous, globe-trotting career as a chef for hire, surviving extremely close encounters with brown bears in Alaska, 6 weeks of sea sickness sailing from Malaysia to Germany and being lost at sea while night diving off Cozumel. These days, he is the private chef for his parents who live in the backwoods of the Florida Panhandle.

After graduating from Harvard in 1980, Marty quickly realized that office work was not in his blood, and he found himself flipping frozen burgers in the snack bar of a public golf course…much to his father’s disappointment! “He still thinks I should have been a lawyer”.

Since then, Chef Marty has cooked in 6 States from Martha’s Vineyard to Maui, and 9 Countries from Malaysia to Monaco, learning how to adapt to different foods and cooking styles at a moment’s notice. Now he is sharing the same basic culinary principles he has relied on for over 30 years, with home cooks who are experiencing a crisis of confidence in the kitchen.