Chemcare provide specialist Meth Decontamination, Asbestos removal, Mould Removal and other services.

Chemcare has the experience and expertise to clear a meth contamination
affordably. Chemcare has IICRC certified technicians who have a range of experiences in the industry. This includes dealing with minor precautionary cleans to full meth lab strip-outs. With over 2 decades of experience collectively, our team is very experienced in the meth remediation industry and want nothing more than for you to get back into your property, safe and sound.

Chemcare has technicians specialising in asbestos removal, properly trained to dispose of the hazardous material. We aim to provide you the most stress free service. We can provide testing for asbestos as our Senior Technical Advisor who is a licensed Work Safe Asbestos Assessor AA17020020.

Chemcare is IICRC certified and our technicians will follow the S520 standard for mould removal. Our technicians use advanced equipment to accurately diagnose the current moisture content. Once the area of contamination has been identified and investigated, we bring in specialised airflow equipment to ensure mould spores are contained and the job is completed in the most efficient way. When it comes to cleaning mould, Chemcare takes the approach of source removal as being the best way to solve the problem. As mould grows, it spreads throughout the material and it digs its roots into it.