Our Services We provide you with: • Contact center solutions (inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat, e-mail, fax and social media engagement) equipped with the latest technology infrastructure and reporting tools.
• We cover mainly two models (dedicated agents pricing and/or pay per call per month)
• Business support solutions of data entry, financial collections, service desk, telemarketing and back office operations.
• Social media research of analyzing client’s topic of choice over the most popular social media platforms and blogs. Detailed reports and analysis are provided to help client decision making in relation to the topic mattered.
• Digital marketing management of client’s products targeting the demographic segment of interest on the sites of the highest hit rate to boost client’s sales and revenue generation.

Why cherrylink?
 Business talking to business  Qualified contact center management with years of expertise in several industries.  Deliverables set around your requirements  State of the art call center technologies  Reliable and redundant setups

With over 50 universities and colleagues in Jordan that graduate thousands of students every year who seek work during studying or after graduation, we guarantee you qualified representatives for your services.
Most of Jordanian under graduate or graduated students can speak 2 main languages; Arabic and English, and can easily adapt to the needed requirements of your business.
Our infrastructure and internet technology in Jordan is one of the most advanced in the Middle East.