Retailer of high quality chess sets, chess boards and chess pieces from the worlds finest sources of chess production. ChessBaron has been established since 1995 as a seller of fine chess pieces, and has changed the market with regard to such supply.

Just a few years ago we started our site because as chess lovers we noticed that to purchase fine chess sets and other chess equipment, eRetailers wanted customers to part with their hard-earned money on the strength of a thumbnail picture. Also, only a few designs were available, they all looked very similar to each other. Surely we could do better. So we researched the suppliers for fine chess sets along with chess computers and clocks to see who provided what we - as chess players - wanted. We found a great supplier. What about the photo's of all the products? My father offered to do the photography, but I wanted 10 shots of each set to be seen as a pop up. With an initial 100 designs (we now have over 300), that was a large number of photos! But he agreed to the idea and to the huge amount of work that a studio would have charged us a fortune for. My brother was a search engine optimiser. I bugged him endlessly and together we made ChessBaron appealing to visitors and search engines - I'm enormously grateful to him.

In the early days, my parents helped me immensely. Dad was recently retired and agreed to take calls and help pack the orders. We didn’t think we’d have any orders for some months at the start – but to our surprise there was a healthy demand. Mum did the quality control and we all got involved with the packing. Whilst shopping she'd take the parcels to the post office. I owe them so much!

What is ChessBaron like now? It's a mature company that prides itself on being friendly, helpful and supplying superb quality chess sets and other chess products. Thousands of customers each year are delighted with a chess product from ChessBaron.