ChexSystems Removal

ChexSystems is a Credit Reporting Agency that the banks and financial institutions use to measure the potential risk of a new bank account customer. If your name and personal information has been posted on ChexSystems, you will not be able to open a new bank account.

Your personal information will stay on-file with ChexSystems for 5 Years unless you take action to be removed from ChexSystems.

Financial Institutions lose billions of dollars every year because of bad checks, account abuse and fraud. This is why all financial institutions now use ChexSystems to measure the potential risk of customers requesting to open up new bank accounts. You must understand that ChexSystems only maintains a database of people who have mishandled their previous bank accounts. The final decision whether or not to open the new bank account is decided by the bank.

If your bank account has been closed, or you have been denied the opportunity of opening a new bank account, this will create a major inconvenience to you.

   * Where do I cash my pay check?
   * How will I pay my bills?
   * What if my job requires direct deposit, what do I do?
   * I can’t open my new business without a business checking account.

There are many obstacles and consequences involved when you can’t have a bank account. There are many fees involved with check cashing stores, restrictions with second chance accounts, buying money orders to pay bills, and what do you do if you job requires you to have a bank account for direct deposit?