Chicago Business Strategies, Inc, founded in 2005, specializes in customer retention and acquisition, leadership and strategic consultation and the coaching and development of employees into industry professionals. Our client acquisition team focuses on providing the most comprehensive client relationship management. Our personal, live presentations offer a unique way to establish and build rapport with customers while developing life long relationships. This strategy has allowed for tremendous growth for both our company and our clients.

Chicago Business Strategies, Inc. is proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing direct marketing and consulting firms in Illinois.  We are excited to offer the best and most unique services and marketing techniques designed specifically for your company.  In essence, we believe in doing everything possible to provide excellence for your company's outsourced sales and marketing needs.

The unique and highly successful marketing strategies our company develops yields our clients a 100% return on their marketing investment.  This is something that cannot be offered from other forms of marketing such as telemarketing, direct mail, billboards, radio and television commercials.  By offering a personalized, face to face approach we provide our clients with increased name brand recognition, new acquisitions, and customer loyalty.  With our determination and a focus on both the personal and professional development of our employees we offer a dedication and commitment to excellence that makes our company unsurpassed in the direct marketing industry.

As we emerge as one of the leaders in the outsourced marketing world it is imperative for us to continue to  set the standard that all other firms strive to follow. Chicago Business Strategies, Inc. understands that in order to stay ahead of our competition we must be able to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the marketing and sales industry.

Our mission is to become a global leader in the outsourced consulting industry. Our commitment to our clientele is to provide them with professional representation, expand and maintain market share, as well as protecting their brand. Our commitment to our employees is to provide them an environment that they can grow both personally and professionally by providing thorough training, a sense of autonomy, a people based team environment and maintain a work environment that rewards performance.