Chicago-Advertising-Agencies.com makes finding an agency easier than ever

CHICAGO, IL, April 1, 2019 – Chicago-Advertising-Agencies.com, a Chicago-based association with a focus on celebrating the diversity and richness of the Chicago area’s advertising community, has published its first annual list of advertising agencies in Chicago. The list was created to be an evolving resource for brand managers and marketing professionals in their search for the best ad agency partners.

“There are a lot of ad agencies in Chicago, and a lot of businesses looking to do business with those agencies,” said Jon Weaver, Founder and Founder of Chicago-Advertising-Agencies.com. “We see our role as matchmaker, getting that marketing manager in touch with the best agency for their business or brand.”

The online resource is now live at www.chicago-advertising-agencies.com and expects to be updated regularly, as new industry startups are launched, smaller boutiques are absorbed by global conglomerates, and the downtrodden ultimately dissolve. Anyone in a position to enlist the services of an advertising agency in the greater Chicago area is encouraged to bookmark the site.

According to Mr. Weaver, “We’re not here to rank or rate the agencies. They all have their strengths and core competencies. It’s more about giving busy professionals an easy-to-use shortcut in their courtship of a suitable partner.”



Chicago-advertising-agencies.com is an association for advertising professionals in the Chicago area dedicated to helping professionals in marketing find the best advertising agency partners. The association was founded in 2016 to focus on celebrating the diversity and richness of the advertising community in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. For more information, follow the “contact us” link on the association website.