ChicCork is the brainchild of a combined effort of the WE R SALES family. ChicCork is dedicated to providing the finest cork products available. We specialize in handbags, purses, fashion accessories and wine products. Just as I love it when my grandkids come to play on the outside equipment featured at WE R SALES (www.wersales.net), I love to see the women that I love carrying the cork products that ChicCork sells, These are not only beautiful products, but they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, renewable and long-lasting. I think that you will love the cork items as much as we do!.

ChicCork has been designed to bring you the best in cork products. We have searched to find the best suppliers for our cork purses, handbags, jewelry and other fashion accessories. All of our cork products represent the best in craftsmanship that is available. You can be sure that when you purchase a cork product from ChicCork that you are getting a product that is from a renewable, environmentally friendly, sustainable, vegan and well nurtured source. Help us help our planet by switching to cork.