CHIC FASHION WEEK will be held August 1st-8th, 2010 in the Galleria at the San Francisco Design Center. The week-long event will exhibit designers from the Bay Area and beyond through various chic fashion soirees culminating in a grand two day fashion show. With an expected audience of 2000+, there will be plenty of exposure for any company that chooses to sponsor this event. The attending audience will feature a wide range of fashion excited individuals including your upscale consumers, corporate executives, professionals, VIPs, socialites, and fashionistas. Sponsors will benefit from extensive press coverage, prominent name and product placement, promotional efforts, and much more. This is our opportunity to bring attention to San Francisco’s fashion and once again rejoin the other fashion center cities, proving San Francisco as an equal.


San Francisco has been known to be a city of many things: art, innovation and technology to name a few. It is a city that pays homage to being open and independently minded.  It’s people perpetuate their unique flare throughout the Bay Area and have created a style statement that embodies their city. From the unknown indie talent to those cutting edge avante-garde, Chic Fashion Week will highlight and bring national attention to its talented designers. Not only are we a fashion forward community with diversity and style, but we are a community that gives back, and we proudly introduce Until There’s A Cure® as our title benefactor. From designers to buyers, media to style savvy consumers, Chic Fashion Week provides a week long forum for the San Francisco’s fashion community to come together. CFW will bring this missing week back to San Francisco  and promote the creative minds and unique visions that make San Francisco’s fashion industry a stunning visual blend of both indie and commercial markets, unlike anything seen in the rest of the country.


San Francisco is not only saturated with talented designers, but we represent a socially aware population. Chic Fashion Week is proud to introduce Until There’s A Cure® (www.until.org) as our title benefactor, through which we will help promote HIV/AIDS awareness. Until There’s A Cure® will be selling bracelets and promoting their cause at all of our events throughout the week. In an effort to revitalize San Francisco’s fashion community, we do not want to hinder emerging artists from participating in the week and
in this light, we have offered a Charity Design Challenge. Through our association with Until There’s A Cure®, we waived the fee if designers successfully create a look based on the Until There’s A Cure® HIV/AIDS bracelets.  These looks will then be donated to
the Under One Roof boutique located in the Castro District. CFW is also working with The House of Mario B, a non-profit organization, which affords high-risk youth runway training and portfolio building workshops in order to bolster self confidence, teach every day business skills, and help launch futures in the fashion industry. A portion of Chic Fashion Week’s profits will go to these organizations to aid their causes. We are a city of compassion and CFW endeavors to give back to fashion what we have been missing for so long.