Welcome to Chilli Fest’s (UK), an events company dedicated to organising fun full days out for all chilli lovers alike giving visitors the opportunity to taste and enjoy all the wonders of the hottest chilli products from the mainland UK and rest of the world.

Its founder an independent producer of chilli products set up Chilli Fest UK to bring together serious fellow chilli producers from all over the UK & EU under one umbrella making Chilli Fest UK’s events unique and an landmark event people will never forget.

To help further our crusade, Chilli Fest UK will uses median tools to spread the word of our events like distribution of flyers, news papers, radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter and other web sites like The Chilli Foundry.

Chilli Fest UK’s ultimate aim in the end is to bring together people from all over for a total fun day out at a real dedicated chilli festival not just for chilli lovers but also for all the family whether you like chilli or not. Visitors can expect chilli plants & seeds, tastings & eating in abundance ranging from special mild to hot curries, Mexican, stuffed chilli, paellas, wraps & snacks, chilli vodka cocktails, chilli beer, mild to the very hot chilli sauces, jellies, salsas, breads, chutneys, relishes, marinades, nuts and crisps, chilli chocolate, chilli ice cream, and chilli fruit juices to sample and all on sale.

Also for the hard core "Chilli Eating Competitions"...