ChinaSelected.com was born out of an ambitious idea: we can provide the world with the best selected products from China.

We work with only the best of the best suppliers in their categories.  For each category, we go strictly with only the best of the best products available. If we don’t seem to be able to source satisfactory products for a specific category, we discard the category entirely.

Based in Shenzhen China, we supply to the world. We understand your needs, whether you are retailer or distributor. One of the greatest things here in ChinaSelected.com is to hear that your ordered products that have arrived at your hands safe and fast are just what you want.

We envision ChinaSelected.com to be a place where you buy not merely products, but also quality and lifestyle, from China.

* Buy Directly from China at Wholesale Prices

Located in Shenzhen, we are about 20 minutes’ ride from Hong Kong, which means at least two advantages: ties with the very best suppliers in China, and great facilities such as logistics.

We work directly with local manufacturers of gadgets, electronics, accessories, household items and many other product lines only when they meet the standards of overseas markets.

All items you see on ChinaSelected.com are made in China. Whatever the size of your order is, you enjoy wholesale prices. Moreover, the larger the order, the deeper the discount.

Fairly simple is our philosophy: you shop from us, you buy from the best of Chinese manufacturers firsthand. The only difference? Buying from us would be way flexible, easy, and reliable, saving you googling time as well as supplier research.

* Lifestyle

Whether you are going to send gifts, furnish your home, or simply take care of yourself, ChinaSelected.com is designed to be an online store that caters to your needs.

We include categories like household items, personal care, fashion, gadgets, and many others that are coming continuously. So check back periodically.

* Top Quality

No worry about our quality.

All items listed on our store are 100% new produced by top manufacturers in China.

No closeouts, no secondhand products, no knock-offs.

Unlike many China-based wholesalers, we don’t sell products of cheap wholesale prices.

* Fast Delivery

It normally takes two to six workdays to ship directly from China to major destinations. Your goods are usually sent out within one or two days right after your payment.

We work with only reliable logistic service providers: DHL, EMS, UPS, Hong Kong Post Mail, and bulk freight forwarders.

All paperwork and customs clearance are left for courier companies to handle, making the whole process hassle free for importers.

* Best Prices

On ChinaSelected.com, all items are available at wholesale prices, regardless of your ordered quantity, thanks to our direct contacts with manufacturer suppliers.

On one hand we negotiate the best prices for you, and on the other we maintain a long-term win-win relationship with our suppliers by bringing quality and returning buyers. That’s the way we do business.

Besides, the more you buy an item, usually the deeper discount you get. For especially large quantities, even better prices are negotiable.

* Customer Support

You can count on us to provide professional after-sales service.

Any question will be answered within 24 hours.

Also we love you hear your ideas and suggestions so we could provide better ever products and service in the future.

* Our categories (to be expanded)

-- Gadgets ---
Silicone Gadgets
Flash Drives
R/C Toys

-- Household --
Oil Paintings
Kitchen & Dining
LED Bulbs

-- Accessories --
iPhone 5 Cases
High-End iPad Accessories
Camera Accessories
Video Game Accessories

-- Car Electronics & Accessories --
Car Electronics
Car Interior

-- Fashion --
Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Watches

-- Sports --

-- Personal Care --
Digital Scale
Beauty Tools