Chinese Southern Belle (CSB) is a mother-daughter business that connects people, food and cultural learning. As the company’s founder, Natalie Keng is a graduate of Vassar College and the Harvard Kennedy School. She has a multi-sector background in the restaurant industry, multicultural marketing, leadership development and served in public office. Margaret Keng was a Cobb County public schools teacher for 17 years, taught the area’s first Chinese cooking class in the 1980’s, co-owned the first Chinese restaurant in a mall, has traveled the world as an international business consultant, and loves to fish.

Chinese Southern Belle’s most popular offerings include:
     Hands-On Cooking Classes and Demonstrations
     Asian Market Tours
     Private Classes & Parties
     Entertainment/Hosting
     Marketing Consulting
     Writing

Featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Intown, on People TV, Georgia Public Radio, and at Whole Foods, Taste of Atlanta, Cook’s Warehouse, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Slow Food Atlanta, Georgia Organics Annual Expo & Conference, Farmer D Organics and Metropolitan Cooking & Entertainment Show, among other events, Chinese Southern Belle is popular with a wide range of groups, from farmers markets and festivals to school workshops and private or corporate events.