Chinlingo has the potential to achieve success. This startup has launched its first online paid Chinese course on August 24th, 2015. To ensure the course quality, Chinlingo has invited several local foreigners as beta users to try them out during the development process. This project is a part of Tencent’s venture base in Xiamen, attracting increasing attention from many investors. In May, 2015, it first launched info.chinlingo.com, an information platform that provides objective Chinese news, making itself a bridge for the communication between China and foreigners living here. And now it launches its first online course which focuses on business Chinese to meet the learning demand in life, traveling and working communication. For more information, go to: www.chinlingo.com

Let’s take a look at the course interface on the web.
Lin Meiyang, the CEO of Chinlingo, shared his opinions on the market prospect of overseas Chinese education. First, the market volume is rather huge as the number of foreigners who learn Chinese has surpassed 100 million, including over 30 million who learn Chinese online. Second, with the increasing economic growth, the total market demand is growing as well, and the number of foreigners who learn Chinese will increase continuously in the future. Third, the overseas American users are more used to paying for online lessons.

Chinlingo provides quality Chinese courses, which are a branch of Chinlingo Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (厦门中学西渐信息科技有限公司shà mén zhōng xué xī jiàn xìn xī kē jì yǒu xiàn gōng sī). The introduction of Eastern learning to the west has a history of over 1,000 years, and this thought helped spread Chinese culture, Chinese philosophy and Chinese technology to the outside world, and it had influence on the development of the world’s culture. Chinlingo, the world’s gateway to China, is devoted to spreading Chinese language, Chinese culture and voices from China abroad.

Chinese learning products online can be grouped into three types, each with specific features: online tutoring led by Tutor Ming, leading apps like ChineseSkill and Skritter, and online language learning communities like Busuu and Babbel.

Different from products above, Chinlingo mainly targets businessmen, and focuses on teaching foreigners knowledge related to doing business with Chinese people. As an innovation, Chinlingo offers high-quality animations with explanations from online teachers, concentrating on scripts of stories, solving the problem of boring courses in traditional or online language teaching, and raising the level of completion.

A large investment in research and development is needed to achieve that goal as it is different from other “Internet+” fields. Education as a field of study has its own requirements. It should value unique rules in language teaching and Chinese learning, without trying to suggest any special shortcuts. In terms of product design, Chinlingo follows the tendency of extra small amounts of time for learning but tries to maintain the advantages of traditional language teaching system as well, focusing on customer orientation and diversified styles of expression. With the hope of joining hands with other Chinese education organizations, Chinlingo will spare no effort to expand to the overseas Chinese education market.

The followings are the app interface.