Welcome to Chiptuning-London (Chipmasters).
We realized a project to provide high quality chip tuning services in London area (UK), with near future plans to expand our services in other areas, too.

Chipmasters is a branch of Galingas.lt chip tuning (Lithuania) which is one of the most experienced chip tuning companies in Lithuania and Eastern Europe, too.

Servicing mainly European and Asian vehicles, we are able to offer numerous services from ECU tuning (a.k.a. chip tuning or remapping), speed and RPM limiter corrections to complete diagnostic services.
We work with all major vehicles: cars, vans, HGV, buses, heavy machinery, etc.

Engines that we work mostly on:
Turbo-diesel: 20-50% more power and torque, followed by increased fuel economy (8-15% usually)

Turbo-petrol: 20-30% more power and torque, additional fuel economy is not possible usually.

Naturally aspirated (non-turbo) diesel and petrol engines usually don't provide good power gains, although many chip tuning companies declare 10-15%. With very few exceptions (Porsche Cayenne S, etc. - petrol engines with more expanded software-regulated options), it's pure nonsense, and we are used to call it a psychological chip tuning.
We also do speed and RPM limiter corrections (removal) on most vehicles (BMW M series, Audi S/RS series, Porsche, etc.).

Everybody knows, that good company name is most important in all businesses. It's not easy to fight for a good name in other countries, although we do our best, by offering a high-end quality of all our programming and technical works, using only best and original equipment to keep the work going smoothly.

Our moto is: "it's not about the famous name. It's all about quality".
Using it, we have successfully developed our business over last 4 years: setting up dealerships in other countries, besides main workshop in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania.
Now, it's time to enter United Kingdom's market, and London area is the first to start our services in.

We also sell professional chip tuning (ECU flashing) tools: CMD, Byteshooter, Alientech:

If you would like to become a dealer / partner, please feel free to contact us directly via Facebook messaging or use any contacts in website.

Please get in touch with us via all contacts in this website, call us at +4402081444784 to get in touch with us immediately, or wait for the separate Chiptuning London (Chipmasters) project to be fully finished.

Chiptuning-London (Chipmasters).