“I make insurance simple”-  my goal is to protect those things that are most important to you- your family, finances and future.

I conduct my business much differently than online insurance companies or an insurance company you might find connected to a bank or other financial institution. I seek to produce value- and that is part of the reason I write and edit many publications to help people understand insurance.

My objective is summed up in the goal of developing clients. My clients have all or most of their insurance with me.

Everything I do is to build value for my clients. That is why I will never recommend a coverage that is excessive or insufficient. I seek to help people understand the what and the why of the coverages that we write.

Farm Bureau Financial Services is a multiline organization. That means that I offer all lines of insurance. This offers you the convenience of having one agent and one-stop shopping for your insurance.

In addition to our quality insurance products, we have a superior claims service. We handle our claims promptly, courteously, and fairly.

Most people have one family doctor that provides for their general health needs. For a more complicated or specialized treatment, the general practitioner will refer to a specialist.

In order to be of service to you, I operate in the same manner. I will take care of most all of your insurance requirements. I have trained specialists at my disposal to assist in the more complicated areas such as commercial insurance and advanced insurance planning.

It is my hope that you will see the value of working with my agency. If you live in Southwest Minnesota or Eastern South Dakota, please call me at 605-251-1216 .