Chitec Technology Corp. (3430) is a leading brand in the global plastic and coating additives market. With sale network covering 5 continents, Chitec is one of the few Asian suppliers who can be certified by Fortune 500 customers. Headquarter in Taipei with its R&D center and manufacturing site both located in Hsinchu Industrial Park, Chitec also has a branch office in Shanghai to serve customers in the Greater China and South-East Asia regions.

Chitec’s product portfolio comprises photoinitiators, UV absorbents, light stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, etc. The core product development concept is to keep delivering innovative green products to echo the voices from governments, customers and consumers.  The strategic deployment of intellectual property rights is also an integral part of Chitec growth factors. In 2011 alone, 4 patents granted to Chitec  by the U.S., Japan and Taiwan, respectively. In addition, there are 8 more patents currently pending.  This not only explains why Chitec has received various subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affair, Taiwan since its establishment, but also justifies Chitec’s ability to compete with century-old Western brands in the industry.

In addition to the continuous innovation efforts, Chitec has also been sharpening its production capabilities to realize a truly eco-efficient and clean manufacturing practice. Chitec also puts substantial emphasis on providing high-mix-low-volume production flexibilities to assist customers coping with the markets' dynamic needs. Besides, Chitec is proactively meeting the global chemical regulations as well. Other than the 100+ REACH pre-registered and 10+ fully registered substances, Chitec is also working on several TSCA, FDA, CLP and GHS compliant projects to help global partners fulfill regulatory requirements.