Chitrangana ® is a Business and Information Technology consultancy working with its clients to drive growth and innovation through best use of digital channels. The company establish in 1989 and started journey with satellite broadcasting business.  Later, company diversified the business in Technology consulting, Business automation, Warehousing, Food processing, Electronics distribution and eCommerce consulting.

We consult on digital, social and mobile strategies, provide support for campaigns and implementation projects and develop measurement models to track success.

In a world where there’s no more business as usual, and technology continues to change the ways in which people work, transact, learn, are entertained and communicate with one another, we do our best to ensure our clients are equipped with the insights, direction, skills and networks to evolve, innovate and thrive in the future.

Experienced Consultation for New Business,Business Development, eCommerce Consultant,Internet Marketing Consultant ,Business Consultant,IT Consultant,Software Consultant.