Chocadores are passionate about Real / Origin chocolate. Their journey into the World of chocolate has been and continues to be a wonderful enlightenment into chocolate that has been made by the finest artisan chocolatiers from around the globe. Each one by their own admission is completely passionate about the whole process from bean to bar.

Chocadores has great concerns that the mass market chocolate is made from ingredients that are high in sugar and use very low quality cocoa bean to make the chocolates. There is also a lack of sustainability and providence regarding chocolate available on the high street. More and more of us want real chocolate made from high quality beans, we all deserve the best don’t we?, it’s up to specialist chocolate companies like Chocadores to bring the finest and purest chocolates to you from around the globe.

On Chocadores web site you’ll only find true artisan chocolatiers, all are dedicated to the art of making the very best chocolate using only the finest natural ingredients and the best Criollo or Trinitario cocoa beans.! all their chocolate collection has full traceability and is only processed from sustainable plantations. You’ll find some very rare chocolate on this site that you simply can’t buy anywhere else in the UK.

They believe in supporting the Chocolatiers who are dedicated to helping the small plantation owners who are doing some amazing things with Origin chocolate, and by buying their cocoa beans they are supporting villages. A lot of our chocolatiers are actively involved in various projects that are helping to build communities in very poor areas, please our blog for updates on this.

Chocolatiers must meet the following strict criteria:
1)  Have an ethical / fair trading policy in place
2)  Use of only real ingredients (no additives, artificial flavourings etc)
3)  True provenance must be demonstrated on products
4)  Cocoa beans sourced from sustainable plantations (non African)
5)  The finest cocoa beans to be used in production (Criollo, Trinitario sustainable Forastero)