Chocri was founded in 2008 by two 22-year-olds who had a vision of customised chocolate bars. With little startup capital, they built a successful business built on the premise of delivering each customer exactly what they want. Since then, chocri has grown tremendously and expanded to the United States and United Kingdom.

On chocri's website, consumers are able to choose from four base chocolates and over 100 toppings, ranging from candied rose petals to gold flakes and chili peppers. Base chocolates include white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and a combination thereof, and chocri only uses the finest chocolate from Belgium - it's fair trade and organic, too. You can also personalize your chocolate bar further by giving it a name, which is then printed on the packaging.

A percentage of every purchase is donated to a charity organisation that supports children on the Ivory Coast - the largest exporter of cocoa.

Chocri's the world's first company that lets you design your own chocolate bars. The first custom chocolate bar of this kind was invented when Franz, one of the founders, needed a last minute birthday gift for his girlfriend. Already an entrepreneur, he had a business with Michael, selling chocolate fountains on ebay. The last night before the birthday, he took the chocolate intended for the chocolate fountains, melted it, filled it into a form and topped it of with his girlfriend's favorite snacks (gummy bars and trail mix). It was a well received gift, and soon after, friends and family started asking for their version of a personalised chocolate bar, so Franz and Micha made a business out of it!