Author Chris Husband has written poems for as long as he can remember and is a published poet of two collections. He has now made his foray into children’s books with his fantastical and vibrant story, My Magical Bearded Friend.
Chris gets inspiration for his works from his environment and those around him. This magical story was inspired by a colleague with a magnificent beard for whom the story initially had been a gift. He became motivated to publish this and other stories for children when he realized after reading with his grandchildren that some of his fanciful and amusing poetry would be a great fit for kids to enjoy.
Chris thinks a great book is one that captures the imagination and transports the reader, making them a participant rather than just an observer. He hopes his young readers come away from his stories finding that reading is an enjoyable and collaborative experience, a way of escaping into a world of their own making for a short time, and that this feeling stays with them long after the book is closed.
When he’s not writing eccentric and imaginative stories for children, Chris enjoys walking in the countryside with his wife, watching football, and spending time with his family and old cat, Charlie, where they live in Lancashire, England.