Christian History for Everyman takes the thrilling stories of our Christian heritage and rescues them from the dry halls of academia. By definition, history is the most exciting stories and interesting facts of all time! There is nothing boring about history, and Christian History for Everyman brings history to life, introducing the heroes and villains, telling the stories, and explaining exactly how we know they are true.

History is a mystery to most laymen. On controversial issues, all sorts of conflicting claims are made about what's true.

But it will no longer by a mystery to you. You'll know why historians say what they do, where they got their information, who really has tremendous new insight, and who is just pulling your leg for their own benefit.

Paul Pavao is the founder of Christian History for Everyman and the webmaster of http://www.christian-history.org, where he puts everything you need in your hand through the Christian History for Everyman web site and through his books and booklets. Many important historical documents can be found online for free in this modern information age, and Paul has narrowed the playing field for you, sorting through thousands of pages of ancient, original historical documents to direct you right to the page or pages you care about.

Like the other quarter million people who visit Christian-history.org every year, you will never wonder again who is telling you the truth. You will know. History will be a story, and you will know that story.