ChristineDarren is a designer and wholesaler of fashion jewelry to high-end retailers and boutiques.  The company produces several product lines with  a strict quality assurance policy of trendy, yet sophisticated accessories to accentuate every day or evening wear for all occasions.

ChristineDarren branding is done using "Drusy" stones, a process that these particular stones go through for the designs that are created and produced by a mother and son team to enhance the extreme uniqueness of such beautiful and unusual stones.
Christine Darren, Inc. is a designer and wholesaler of high-end fashion jewelry. The company evolved as Christine Wehby, and her son, Darren Wehby began taking numerous trips to Central and South America. They fell in love with the stones and organic materials of the region. They started research and development in March 2006, and launched their first collection in November of the same year. After successfully launching their business in the U.S., their quest for the most exotic materials have taken the mother and son team all over the world. The results are expanded access to the most unusual materials with the ability to produce in an even higher volume while maintaining their demand for a very high standard for quality.

From this, the brand name ChristineDarren Inc. was born from the namesake of this mother and son team.  Since the launch, ChristineDarren has been received with enthusiasm and excitement.

Before starting ChristineDarren, Christine spent twenty-seven years in the beauty and fashion industry.  The familiarity with trends and fashion, and the love for adornment, led her to research and make experiments in the jewelry world.  A trip to Brazil in 2005 with her husband led her to pursue her dream and business opportunity.

Darren, an airplane pilot by trade, is a 30 year old career traveler whose experience the past nine years has helped develop a true affinity for the exotic and unique.  Therefore, Darren brings to the table not only the contemporary designs of ChristineDarren, but the male perspective with a unique ability to recognize what a woman wants to capture her sophistication.  Thus, the mother and son team has developed a sophisticated, yet contemporary image to appeal to the full spectrum of the high fashion jewelry consumer market.